Immagine2MB Med. is a commercially oriented company established in January 2006 as a result of the restructuring of D.Ulrich, formerly Martin Bauer SpA, to meet the requirements of the nutraceutical market, with the aim of becoming a supplier specialised in plant extracts and powders for the nutraceutical and food industry.

But let go back 160 years. In 1854, the botanist Domenico Ulrich founded D.Ulrich in Turin. It was the first company to process aromatic plants on an industrial scale. Initially, local raw materials were used such as the mint from Pancalieri for the production of the distillate as early as 1868.

In 1885, the Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Trade awarded a special gold medal to D.Ulrich to honour the initiation and development of an important export trade of medicinal herbs, flowers and roots of the Italian flora. This business allowed the company to use natural resources which otherwise would have been lost and to provide economic support to many families.

In 1927, the company obtained the authorisation from the Ministry of Health as Pharmaceutical Laboratory for the production of fluid, soft, macerated extracts and dyes.

In the mid-sixties, the import and export relations with Europe and South America were consolidated and the plant could increase its production potential, remaining on the cutting edge in the field of extraction technologies.

The creation of the Analysis laboratory to support the company’s production, allowed to ensure the product conformity with the applicable regulations, the development of new analytical methods and new products based on the customers’ requirements, which have become increasingly specialised and exacting over the years.

In 1999, D.Ulrich was purchased by the German holding company Martin Bauer, leader on the market of medicinal plants, further increasing the range of products and the know-how in the herbal medicine sector.

At the beginning of 2006, MB Med. was established as a result of a corporate split. The new plant was transferred to Rivalta di Torino, a few kilometres from the original headquarters which still house the Pharmacy and the Analytical laboratory.

Since its establishment, MB Med.’s reference market has been the Mediterranean basin, in particular Italy, France and Spain, which are among the most dynamic and active markets in the food supplements.

Today, MB Med. is a point of reference and a leading company on the market of plant extracts and powders for the nutraceutical and food industry.

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