Mission – our strengths

MB Med.’s mission is to provide their customers with a range of products closely related to the plant sector concept, i.e. cultivated and manufactured within the Martin Bauer Group. These products are selected and prepared using the most advances processes.

The company invests in quality in an ongoing basis, preserving the original components of the plants and, where possible, concentrating the active principles naturally present in the plants. This process is carried out through continuous research in MB Med.’s own laboratories.

In addition, the corporate organisation and logistics allow to offer a wide range of products available in stock, resulting in a quick and efficient service in order to meet the increasingly urgent requirements of the customers.

Our wide range of extracts originate from over 200 plants and this allows us to meet any requirement from the nutraceutical, food and beverage industry.

Our continuous research into new extraction and analysis methods guarantees the preservation of active principles as well as the absence of contaminants, to deliver safe products. To achieve this goal, analytical checks are carried out both during the sampling process and on every batch of product.

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