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logo_ultimoThe Naturfil business has grown out of the herbal chain concept, with the production of dry extracts and powders that our company controls step by step.

For Naturfil dry extracts is guaranteed the traceability of the raw material cultivations and the processes of extraction, of concentration and drying.

For Naturfil powders is guaranteed the traceability of raw material cultivations and the processes of micronization and of the steam treatment.

The reason for the development of this range of products originates from the desire to optimise the products through the utmost care of raw materials, including the product cultivation and control in the field.

Therefore we have invested in the purchase of new machinery, in the development of important production processes and in the search for new analytical methods to extend our portfolio and fulfil the requirements of an increasingly dynamic and demanding market.



The main strong points of the Naturfil products can be summarized as follows:

  • Use of raw materials grown directly or indirectly by our companies and controlled in the field according to specific standards applicable to the production sector, carefully selected by our qualified personnel and supplied by our long-time partners.
  • Expertise and production capacity resulting from the Martin Bauer Group experience.
  • Use of solvents compliant with food standards and ongoing control of all contaminants, both before and after processing.
  • Products available in stock and availability of large quantities.
  • Capability to produce “tailor made” extracts with collaboration with our clients.
  • For plant information and traceability full compliance with the French law Arrêté (24/06/2014 – annex II 1) and the guidelines of the Italian Ministry of Health (revision January 2015) concerning the documentation for the botanicals use in the food supplements as per DM 9 July 2012 .

This is what we intend in order to improve more and more the intrinsic quality of the products we market in order to implement the list of our items.
All our products are marketed and distributed with the same guarantees; so that also for other available items, MB Med. is able to ensure the steps of production chain, but, at the moment, not all steps are managed directly by the Group.

Therefore to be transparent with our customers, we decided to create this further distinction, in order to point out the progress we made over the years and are making to be more protagonists, pro-active and respectful to the products we use in the production process and to customers that use and believe in the beneficial properties of natural products.

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