AnnurComplex – Dry extract of annurca apple


Apples are historically known as fruits with curative properties and their regular consumption is usually associated with low risks of cardiovascular pathologies. The various apple cultivars are not equivalent; in particular, the Annurca apple (GPI) variety is the most indicated in the development of supplements for maintaining normal cholesterol levels in the blood.
Recent studies show that the polyphenolic fraction (mainly flavonoids) of apple has positive effects on health, including:

– lipid metabolism regulation
– glucose absorption regulation
– improved microcirculation
– antioxidant
– anti-inflammatory

Characteristics of AnnurComplex:

  • Italian production
  • total chain of distribution
  • nutraceutical product based on concentrated polyphenolic extract of Annurca apple.

A recent clinical study carried out by the University of Naples has shown that the consumption of two capsules per day of this product helps restore the correct plasma balance between the total cholesterol levels, LDL-C and HDL-C, through a significant reduction of total cholesterol and bad cholesterol (LDL-C) and an increase of good cholesterol (HDL-C).
This result shows that the effectiveness of Annurcomplex is equal than that of conventional drugs prescribed for this purpose. A unique feature of this product is the absence of side effects usually associated with the drugs and extracts (for example red rice) currently used in the treatment of plasma hypercholesterolemia.

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